About Me


Hello and welcome to my page.

My name is Sophie Louise Chipchase also known as Sophira-lou and Sophira Moonlily.

D.O.B: 06/06/1991

Welcome to SophiraLou’s website. This website includes a section about myself, a short portfolio of images I have created, and a commissions page.

I am a Manchester (UK) based Manga artist  whose love and passion for manga is slowly growing and developing into a career. Please take your time and look at my work on my portfolio, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me @ sophie.chipchase@googlemail.com.

This small site is for those interested in my art and for those who are interested in knowing more about me and my work.

I have just finished studying at Bolton university and received my degree in animation and illustration, the course was a lot of fun and helped leading me towards my goal of being a full time illustrator.

My style is inspired by the likes of mucha, sioux and obviously the manga style. Manga is something i’ve fallen in love more and more over the years, i will never be as fantastic as an eastern artist, but i certainly will put my western stamp on this and make it my own. I’m also a huge fan of fantasy and victorian art which i think is heavily shown in my work. I should really draw more men but the female form is so much more fun to draw.


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