For the love of alice

March 12, 2012

For the love of alice

For those who don’t know me i am a huge alice fan, from the books to the film and even the games. I have had an obsession with alice since being a young girl. And it’s a huge influence on my work and its kind of an obsession. So what is it about the story thats such an inspiration?

It’s not the underlying sexual tendencies or drug relations in the darkest corners of the story. It’s the  way Lewis carroll writes and the amazing imagination behind the story, just the fact the person can explore another world, the child’s mind is a fantastic thing and their imagination just flows out , they can make even the most simplest of things into a whirlwind of ideas.

Even the darkest ideas in the book appeal to me, the game american mcgees alice and alice madness returns are just another way that the story can be interpretated, it can be dark and psycoligically disturbing. There are so many different versions of alice and so many storys that can be made from it, even disneys and tim burtons versions are just another outlet of this truly inspirational story.

All these things just make me want to draw and it just is so inspiring, i’m done so much drawing inspired by this tale. I’m even working on my own version of the tale, because it’s just something that i will never grow out of and i never will, here’s a link to my concept work so far, its mainly character designs but it’s coming on – http://sophira-moonlily.deviantart.com/gallery/26365991

I also did some bookcover work in uni for an assignment-

and i lately i am working on some alice madness fanart i am obsessed with the game and the artbook is just so good!


i like the graphics one cause it looks so creepy XD

I’m also working on some fanart for prints with a steampunk twist XD


As you can see they are major works in progress but i will up date you with them when they are done!

Alice is so inspiring and will always play a huge role in my life ❤

Peace out Sophira-lou



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